Wright-Locke Farm event Aug 22, 2018

Wright-Locke Farm grows vegetables, fruits, and flowers on a miraculously-preserved 20 acres in Boston’s suburbs.

Join Cathy for an evening at the fabulous Wright-Locke Farm in Wincester, MA to talk about how the history of farming–and especially of this very old New England farm–can help us rethink and rescale our present-day food system. The talk starts at 7:30 and is free, but they do ask that people RSVP so they can get an approximate head-count beforehand. Here’s the poster with more info.

Wright-Locke is a busy and beautiful little farm at the western edge–historically the heart of this town’s farming activities–of one of Boston’s western suburbs. I say “little” because it’s small by a lot of farm standards even in New England, but it actually comprises 20 acres which is nothing short of a miracle given the commercial value of real estate in this part of the region. They’ve documented their own history, including the story of how this much open farmland was protected by the town and local advocates, here.

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